Red Dot Design Award


ONE FORTY WEST | Red Dot Design Award

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ONE FORTY WEST constitutes a new landmark in Frankfurt’s skyline as the first German high-rise tower to combine exclusive apartments with a four-star hotel. The corresponding website was developed as a platform to showcase its active role in the city full of contrasts, while sparking interest, conveying data and facts, and also ensuring fast access to agents. For this purpose, the dichotomies of the brand positioning were translated into “loud” and “quiet” design principles: strong black-and-white contrasts, extreme differences in typography sizes and a divergence in the language of images and shapes.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Commerz Real AG, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Design:
    hauser lacour kommunikationsgestaltung GmbH, Frankfurt / Main, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Laurent Lacour Sabine Brinkmann
  • Art Direction:
    Mirjam Platz
  • Project Management:
    Timo Erdmann Talisa George
  • Programming:
    Florian Reußenzehn scriptschmiede Frankfurt / Main, Germany
ONE FORTY WEST | Red Dot Design Award