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In order to raise awareness for street musicians in Germany – people who are finding it harder than ever before to earn money from passers-by – the Online Street Musicians campaign gave them a virtual presence on the Internet. Instead of having them play music in front of shops as they usually would, the campaign had the musicians play on interactive banners in front of online shops. Positively surprised by this idea, website visitors could donate money to the German Red Cross with a single click. The promotion resulted in 3.5 million page views, many new members for the German Red Cross and more than 12,000 euros in donations.

  • Client:
    Deutsches Rotes Kreuz / German Red Cross, Berlin
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt, Hamburg
  • executive creative direction:
    Felix Fenz
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Hilbig, Marc Freitag, Christina Drescher
  • art direction:
    Andreas Kiesel, Frederik Mellert
  • concept:
    Georg Hemprich