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Onni | Red Dot Design Award

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ONNI is a bag that corrects the hunched posture with an embedded back support that fits the natural curve of the human spine. Its inner layer also ensures an optimal distribution of weight, thereby facilitating the stance correction. The design of this backpack pays close attention to the ergonomic concepts and the balance of form and function. Thanks to the concealed functionalities, the bag redirects previously harmful weight to improve the posture while still allowing anyone to look stylish. ONNI’s adaptable back curvature design relies primarily on an inner bracing that is custom-manufactured using a 3D scanner and printer. The bracing is hidden in an inner side pocket. When standing in a good posture, the bracing matches the natural curve of the spine and fits the user’s back perfectly. In a slouching posture, the bracing moves apart making the bag uncomfortable to wear, and thus, forcing the user to assume the correct posture each time.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Rebeka Pakozdi, Hungary