Red Dot Design Award

Open Boiled Tea Machine

Open Boiled Tea Machine | Red Dot Design Award

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Open Boiled Tea Machine is a new concept. Existing open tea-brewing sets usually comprises an electric ceramic cooktop and a glass kettle, which is too many components and space occupying. There also tends to be low heat conduction efficiency. The design of Open Boiled Tea Machine changes the heating method by integrating the heating module, glass kettle, and teapot. This solution greatly increases the space efficiency of the entire tea-brewing appliance and makes the product be more minimal and comprehensive. Open Boiled Tea Machine retains the way of traditional open kettles but improves on their shortcomings. Traditional oriental aesthetic features are also preserved but updated to create an elegant and pleasant visual experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Chen Long Hui
  • Design:
    Gan Bao Ji, Li Hai Zhong, Liu Yu Lou, Yang Bin, Zeng Zhan Hui
Open Boiled Tea Machine | Red Dot Design Award