Corporate Design Relaunch

Optik Nill

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The outdated corporate design of this family business, founded in 1961, was relaunched with the aim of positioning Optik Nill in the market as a competence centre for better sight, clearly distinguished from its competitors. The solution for the new logo was developed based on the science of optics: in the visual representation of objects through lenses, an object point O is represented by a corresponding image point O’. Their balanced arrangement implies a stylised pair of glasses, which now, as a design mark, visualises the company’s core competence. Together with the timeless font and the black and white contrast, it creates an eye-catching corporate design.

  • Client:
    Optik Nill GmbH, Mössingen, Germany
  • Design:
    Nadine Nill Design, Mössingen, Germany
  • Photography:
    Studio Lebherz, Ofterdingen, Germany, Tina Bachmann, Munich, Germany
  • Printing:
    August Conzelmann GmbH & Co., Bisingen, Germany