Red Dot Design Award

Ottobock. Living with Michelangelo.

Ottobock. Living with Michelangelo. | Red Dot Design Award

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The microsite “Living with Michelangelo” stages an explorative world revolving around the prosthesis of the same name. It presents consumer benefits in a clear and objective manner, instantaneously linking them to the respective technical feature. The site intercorrelates the visual and contextual perspectives so that users may experience how technology meets the challenges presented by everyday situations. The quality of the prosthesis is thus made accessible for patients, technicians and therapists.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, Duderstadt
  • Design:
    pilot Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Daniel Richau (Executive Creative Director), Jörg Westpfahl (Creative Director Art)
  • art direction:
    Liz Sanchez
  • concept:
    Michael Uhlemayr
  • project management:
    Pascal Kompalla
  • account management:
    Tobias Gärtner (Managing Director)
  • programming:
    Matthias Brock