Smartphone Mount


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Owlstand is a minimal smartphone mount that provides a stylish, user-friendly and secure phone setting on a bicycle, baby stroller or any place with a bar or tube. Thanks to the one-way inner hook with bird beak shape release button design, the phone can be locked firmly right after being set and can be released by one hand effortlessly. Owlstand is designed to function together with ”phone ring holder“, a widely used smartphone add-on which is included in the package.

Statement by the Jury

Owlstand catches the eye, particularly due to its imaginative design. With it, skilful humour is added to the eminently well-functioning everyday item.

  • Manufacturer:
    RTZ Solution, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Designer:
    Runtian Hu
  • In-house Design:
    Hin Design (Haozheng Zhu), Delft, Netherlands