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P+ONE Exhibition Hall

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The topic of this art installation is a bloom, featuring a flower in the wonderful moment of full bloom showing the beauty of nature that can be experienced with the different senses including hearing, taste and touch. With the appearance of a blooming flower, this installation may be seen as architecture, a space or a landscape. The P+ONE Exhibition Hall is made of 3,068 hollow rectangle boxes combining traditional architecture craft techniques, dynamic arc trajectories and the parameterisation of variation calculations. It creates an abstract configuration and a space interface that allows visitors to enter into a dialogue with the installation. Featuring curved wave-like walls that extend upward in waves as well, the installation may also leave the impression of a maze or a canyon. In the main installation room, the unusual experience of space is complemented by a projection surface floating in midair and connected with the touch-sensitive table that offers visitors strong sensory experiences.

Statement by the Jury

The symbolisation of an opening blossom through transparent, simple and technically lined up building blocks for the P+ONE Exhibition Hall incorporates a highly interesting construction. The installation is imbued with a notion of art. It catches the eye with an organic appeal that is facilitated by the projection on the round screen at the top, and delivers an inspiring experience of space.

  • Client:
    P+ONE Design Center, Guangzhou
  • Design:
    P+ONE Design Center, Guangzhou
  • Creative Direction:
    Golden Ho, Ming Lueng
  • Graphic Design:
    Jiangmi Deng, Handsome Tusi, Minmin Yung, Bo Wang