Washbasin, Shower Tray, Bathtub

P3 Comforts


The development of the P3 Comforts bath series was defined by a concept of comfort. The gently curved lines and rounded edges of the washbasin and bathtub have emerged with an elegant design appearance that exudes a sense of safety and relaxation. The raised tap platform for the broad, almost rimless washbasin is visually well separated from the wet area and serves as a shelf surface for bathroom utensils. The asymmetric version of the washbasin offers additional storage space on the left and right. The distinctive design with a rimless look at the front is also taken up by the bathtub, which offers a generous inner volume. A neck cushion, which is easy to remove and easy to clean, ensures additional bathing comfort.

  • Manufacturer:
    Duravit AG, Hornberg, Germany
  • Design:
    Phoenix Design GmbH + Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany

Statement by the Jury

The distinctive shape consistently extends across the design of both the washbasin and bathtub. Together, the two elements form a stylistic unity, delivering a convincing solution for modern bathroom interiors.