Parador BODEN

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The Parador BODEN magazine app provides added value to the print edition through multimedia features such as video, sound and animation. The content can be experienced on two different levels by switching from portrait to landscape. A modern colour concept and innovative features underscore the young and progressive element of the brand. Yet, the products are not pushed into the foreground. Rather, the brand’s intention was to emphasise its expertise in flooring, wood and interiors in a subtle way using coverage not related to the company.

  • Client:
    Parador GmbH & Co. KG, Coesfeld
  • Design:
    Martin et Karczinski GmbH, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Peter Martin
  • Chief Editor:
    Ingo Mocek, Daniel Karczinski
  • Art Direction:
    Marcus-Florian Kruse, Daniela Fritzsch
  • Programming:
    Mark Welch, Christian Waldmann, Caroline Hüttinger