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Parisian | Red Dot Design Award

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Paris Baguette, a famous Korean bakery café, launched a series of highly popular and eye-catching takeout cups. The cup design shows a young boy with a blue hat clad in different outfits. On one cup he is wearing a sweater with blue-and-white stripes, on another a blue diving suit or a striped sailor shirt. The blue colour and unique illustrations represent the style of the company, thus offering high recognition value. Different themes lend variety and visualise particular seasons and occasions, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. A special edition of sleeves features an elegant man and woman by using different forms and textures that cover the whole cup.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Paris Baguette, Seoul
  • Design:
    SPC Design Center, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Heesoo Hur
  • art direction:
    Junhee Park
  • concept:
    Stefano Giovannoni
  • graphic design:
    Minhyung Seo, Nawon You, Boram Yu, Yeondoo Kim
Parisian | Red Dot Design Award