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Pause Fest – Organic

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This expressive motion graphic video is based on the conviction that human feelings can be translated into visual form, just as in painting or any other art form. “Organic” represents various emotional states, such as the feeling of nearly crashing down. The emotions visualised in this video tell of having overcome the initial pain caused by these emotional states after the first wave of perceptual “black and white” has passed. The film uses a paper-like texture to represent the skin of the human body, while any hair shown is perceived by viewers as hand-drawn lines –thus creating a natural semblance of the human world of emotions.

  • Client:
    Organic Motion Graphic Ltd., New Taipei City
  • Design:
    Organic Motion Graphic Ltd., New Taipei City
  • illustration:
    Wen-Chang Peng
  • animation/motion design:
    Po-Wei Su
  • music/sound design:
    Radium Audio Studio
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