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This is a fountain pen that has a unique, asymetrical, cylindrical pen body that improves comfort of writing. To achieve a sleek and simplified aesthetic, the pen clip (traditionally attached to pens) is removed. Instead, this is replaced with a leather pen bag. Hardwood is chosen as a material for the pen body, while titanium alloy is used for the pen cap and pen holder. Titanium alloy has better durability and resistance to corrosion, which is perfect for everyday use. However, using titanium alloy means that there are some production problems that need to be resolved. For example, to process the wooden pen rod, the water content of the wood must be at 6 % - 11 % to cope with the difference of temperature and humidity in different regions. This ensures that the pen stick does not crack and bend easily with use. German Schmidt is used for the writing system, chosen because it is one of the top manufacturers of pen writing systems in the world. With this, good writing experience is guaranteed for the users.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen Gu Anhua Product Design Co. Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Gu Anhua
  • Design:
    Li Xiaoqin