Perfumers’ Compendium

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The Perfumers’ Compendium, published by Symrise, a supplier of fragrances and flavourings, is a practical reference book. It introduces its specialist audience – perfumers around the world – to fragrances. The combination of inspiring components such as colouring, typography and images as well as a high degree of clearly presented and relevant information makes the Perfumers’ Compendium an appealing and informative work.

  • Client:
    Symrise AG, Holzminden
  • Design:
    Heine Warnecke Design GmbH, Hannover and Münsterland
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Dirk Heine
  • graphic design:
    Annika Sunder
  • project management:
    Dirk Heine
  • image editing:
    Wiebke Alm