Food Packaging

Petitzel Sweet Roll

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The design for the Petitzel Sweet Roll with its rounded shape resembling a half-moon is derived from roll cake slices sold at pastry shops and bakeries. The key visual is the illustration of the Petitzel boy, who delivers the sweet dessert and can only be seen entirely when the sleeve is opened. The sleeve is reminiscent of a gift wrapper, lending the product a premium look. The abundant amount of cream, which is the distinctive feature of this roll cake, is made visible thanks to the transparent lid. A foil inside the package prevents the cream from sinking.

  • Client:
    CJ Cheiljedang, Seoul
  • Design:
    CJ Cheiljedang, Seoul
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Jisun Kim
  • Creative Direction:
    Hyungkyung Choi, Hyunjik Lee, Yuljoong Kim
  • Graphic Design:
    Yeonmi An, Jeongmin Ok