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Pfrontener Flurnamen

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This work is a scientific book that compiles as many as 1,400 field and meadow land names in the municipality of Pfronten in Ostallgäu and their historic, linguistic, phonetic and etymological meaning. With 524 pages and 14 map supplements (in 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm formats) that amount to a total of 35 sqm of designed space, the book is the result of 4 years of design and 12 years of research presenting linguistic finds that go back to the original Romanised population. Numerous icons and phonetic signs were designed to match the selected typography; and, based on three different historical templates, almost 8 sqm of the cartography were entirely redrawn, relabelled and linked to the content via coordinates and references. Featuring a cloth binding with embossed printing and a systematically, clearly arranged and reader-friendly layout, the design reflects the high content value of this compendium, which compiles knowledge transmitted through several generations. Statement by the jury »How can a topic such as this be visualised in an attractive manner, without the design becoming too dominant? The answer is a well-balanced layout that follows a highly self-contained approach in conveying the information. Be it through a congenially matched typography, outstanding maps and easy-to-understand icons – this book convinces in all aspects.«

  • Client:
    Gemeinde Pfronten
  • Design:
    designgruppe koop, Nesselwang
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Koop
  • graphic design:
    Alexander Kählig
  • text:
    Bertold Pölcher, Dr. Thaddäus Steiner