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Philips TV Buying Guide

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Choosing a new television can be a daunting process. The Philips TV Buying Guide is an online tool designed to help users select the TV most suited to their needs. It suggests various TVs and shows them in a situation similar to the customer’s personal environment. The buying guide provides a highly immersive 3D experience, using audio, video and interactive animations to demonstrate technologies such as Ambilight. Televisions can be seen working in 3D rooms; and potentially complex topics such as picture quality and NetTV are explained. Fuzzy logic makes it easy for the customer to specify and vary the most important aspects in making a choice.

  • Client:
    Royal Philips Electronics, Eindhoven
  • Design:
    Stefano Marzano + Online Design Team, Philips Design, Eindhoven
  • creative direction:
    Stefano Marzano