Solar Charger for Developing Countries


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In the rural environments of India and of African countries, where mobile phones play an important role in keeping the population informed and safe, people are often forced to travel long distances to recharge their batteries. Phorce offers an easy and convenient solution to this challenge by utilising solar energy. The housing contains a solar cell that quickly recharges the phone’s battery, though recharging is also achievable via cable. The very robust Phorce provides the best possible protection for a frequently used phone as well as high mobility for its user and independence from conventional power sources. For solar charging underway, the unit is attached to the arm with a strap and can be thus worn comfortably. As such, sunlight is optimally harnessed in a flexible way.

  • Manufacturer:
    PCH International Ltd., China
  • In-house design:
    PCH International Ltd., Wiallman Yang Huai Wu, Josa Pik Mui Leung, Matthieu Chariler, China