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Piano Tiles 2

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Piano Tiles 2 is a free single-player game for Android or iOS. When the player taps the black tiles which run across the smartphone screen at different speeds and act as virtual keys, piano sounds are created. When touching white tiles, an off-tune note signals the end of the game. Fine motor skills, speed and a sense of rhythm are required. The sequel of the easily comprehensible game contains a new selection of tunes ranging from classical music to “Jingle Bells” and a gameplay which encourages social network sharing.

  • Design:
    Cheetah Mobile, Beijing
  • Director:
    Sylvan Wang
  • Programming:
    Geng-Chang Zhang
  • Client:
    Cheetah Mobile, Beijing
  • User Experience Design:
    Li Qiao, Xiao-Qing Chen
  • Project Management:
    Xin Wang, An-Ni Yang