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piccolo 1

piccolo 1 | Red Dot Design Award

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Experiencing science

Technical measuring devices are usually closely tailored towards the respective scientific discipline they are used in and therefore are often unsuitable for other comparable everyday tasks. The piccolo 1 IoT sensor hub is an innovative device in a handy size that successfully embodies both properties through its form and functionality. With the aim of releasing users from tedious measurement routines, the design of this device has fundamentally re-envisioned the way in which measurements are usually performed. In spite of its compact housing, it integrates the three mea­suring mechanisms of prism, titanium electrode and pH glass electrode. With its easy-to-grasp operation, this device can thus be used everywhere for measuring the concentration, salinity, pH and temperature of liquids. The unit rests ergonomically well in the hand and is pleasing to the touch, while even conveying the appeal of an accessory. It can be conveniently used anywhere, not only in the laboratory, but also on site. When attached to a float, users can simply drop it into a water basin or tank for measurements. And as for toilets, it can turn into a personal health assistant when placed inside the toilet bowl or urinal. Its wireless data communication capability allows users to collect the measurement data anytime. With its ele­gant design, this device invites people to simply enjoy measurement processes, turning measuring into an inspiring experience.

Statement by the Jury

The piccolo 1 IoT sensor hub fascinates with its integrated design, which is perfectly focused on the specific application. This compact device facilitates easy acquisition of measurement parameters, ranging from concentration and salinity to pH and temperature of a liquid. Against the backdrop of the versatile application possibilities it offers even in everyday life, it turns the processes of measuring into a novel experience. The device rests very well in the hand and is self-explanatory in use.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    ATAGO Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Hideyuki Amamiya
  • Design:
    Michio Akita, Tokyo, Japan
piccolo 1 | Red Dot Design Award
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