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Piece of Time

Piece of Time | Red Dot Design Award

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Piece of Time is a conceptual timepiece that shows the passing of “subjective time”. This piece of jewellery synchronises saved events and alarms from all the user’s calendar apps via a smartphone’s Bluetooth function, and counts down to the next important event based on the user’s preferences. It works just like a digital hourglass. Upon tapping the device, the time is displayed on a linear set of low energy LEDs that are powered by a small NiMH battery. With a low energy-consuming Bluetooth syncing function, Piece of Time only has to be charged once a month using a specially designed inductive charger. The Valami Piece of Time is made out of a set of precious and tough metals – titanium and stainless steel paired with white gold or polished copper. The main module magnetically connects to a variety of straps, clips, and other accessories.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Ben Koros, Hungary