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Piezon 250

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The Piezon 250 is a new dental unit for the professional removal of tartar. Its compact form takes up less space than an A5-sized sheet of paper. The Piezon handpiece is thin, lightweight and robust. The most evident design element – the control sphere for regulating power – offers little resistance when touched, yet its rotation is precisely attuned to the pressure applied by the intuitive one-finger control element. When the foot pedal is released, an LED timer starts. At the same time, six LED lights located around the tip of the handpiece illuminate the mouth cavity for 20 seconds, thus making plaque clearly visible.

Statement by the Jury

The spherical shape of the control unit excellently communicates the devices’ timer function while, together with the handpiece, simultaneously conveying a compact and functional impression.

  • Manufacturer:
    EMS Electro Medical Systems SA, Switzerland
  • Design:
    N+P Industrial Design, N+P Industrial Design GmbH (Christiane Bausback), Germany