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Pipinette is a potty with lid designed so that women can pass water comfortably in a standing position. The ergonomic and functional pot is also suitable for men and children. It is small and light and easy to have handy when travelling, boating, camping, and as well as for use at home. Pipinette is further designed for people with certain types of incapacity like lumbago, before and after knee- and hip-surgery and during pregnancy. Travel kit convenience bags are a complementary product to use with the potty when it can't be emptied on the spot. The Pipinette concept also includes two different holders for convenience bags so that they can be used separately without the potty. An oval ring as a holder provides easy usage for target groups such as bus drivers and sport pilots as well as for children travelling. The Ergo handle is a holder designed by Ergonomidesign for women with limited hand function or/and for use sitting in a wheelchair.

  • Manufacturer:
    Pipinette AB, Sweden
  • Design:
    Veryday (former Ergonomidesign), Sweden
  • Design:
    Olle Gyllang, Sweden