PLAY! Design for kids

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The design for this calendar is inspired by children’s creativity and focuses on the experimental use of typography. “PLAY! Design for kids” contains the work of 53 designers and architects who combine concept and design with the joy of play to delight children. Produced by screen and embossed printing, the calendar is available in three different colours and aims to be an inspiring companion through the year 2012. Its designers gave their playful side free rein and let the inspiration from their children or their own childhood flow into the design of the typography.

  • Client:
    EIGA Design, Hamburg
  • Design:
    EIGA Design, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Elisabeth Plass
  • art direction:
    Henning Otto
  • graphic design:
    Nicola Janssen, Josefine Freund
  • printing:
    Mediadruckwerk Gruppe GmbH