Pleasure of Learning

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The book “Pleasure of Learning” is designed like a bundle of secret documents with folded, ultra-delicate pieces of rice paper on the inside. A soft swathe of felt is wrapped around its body and tied with a thread of raffia. Calligraphic daubs of ink darken the creamy natural white of the paper page by page, aimed at immersing the reader in a new world. The strong, tough paper of this book contains texts in filigree Chinese type, with some smears of watery ink here and there. Implemented as a book that challenges the perception, readers wonder whether these smears are traces of the artists’ work or printing ink that has seeped through.

  • Design:
    Minmin Qu, Nanjing Qian Jiang, Nanjing
  • Client:
    Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing Ltd., Nanjing