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Stackable Roll Shutter

Plial CWS

Plial CWS | Red Dot Design Award

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Plial is a robust roller blind with a self-supporting system that may be surface-, flush- or front-mounted. The compactly made system allows for the stacking of two slats on top of each other in the roller shutter box. Plial CWS was designed specifically for the darkening of corner windows. To achieve this, two separate blinds are installed at an angle of 90 degrees and guarantee complete darkening when closed and a maximum view through the windows when open. In addition, the system offers good thermal and sound insulation as well as burglar protection.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to its functionality and compact construction, the design of the Plial CWS stackable roll shutter system embodies a convincing product solution for corner windows.

Red Dot Design Award