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Integrating 3D animation, Plotagon is playful screenwriting software that puts an animation studio in one’s pocket. The interface allows users to write the story they want to see, and within a few moments, this vision plays on the screen. The free app offers anyone the ability to develop a plot, actions, lines and setting, even including designing characters by oneself. With a simple push of the play button, these characters come to life in a corresponding movie playing exactly as the user created them – complete with auto-directed cuts. This movie can then be shared with the world or with the Plotagon community, where filmmakers of all ages and from all over the world compile stories together. Plotagon is also used by professional screenwriters, as well as in schools to inspire students to create, write and instantly share their animated videos. Be it for presenting reports or debating hot topics, the app makes users more engaged when they see their ideas come to life. Aiming to redefine storytelling, the app thus invites people to express themselves in a novel way and via a new medium.

Statement by the Jury

Plotagon is an outstanding tool with a very easy-to-use interface for creating instant movie sequences and then sharing them. It even allows for creating and editing films together with other users, which is additional fun and augments the experience of creative collaboration. Telling great stories and being able to access free content offered by other users in doing so, opens up an innovative approach towards sharing and collaboration.

  • Client:
    Plotagon, Stockholm
  • Design:
    Plotagon, Stockholm
  • Creative Direction:
    Jonathan Hise Kaldma
  • Project Management:
    Philip Edner
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