Red Dot Design Award

Plug & Play Wearable Injector

Plug & Play Wearable Injector | Red Dot Design Award

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Biologic drugs open the door to better treatment for patients suffering from conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. However, due to their biophysical properties, such drug solutions can be more viscous than traditional injectable drugs, which makes them difficult to inject by traditional methods such as a vial or syringe. The injection of viscous or large-volume biologic drugs using traditional methods can also take considerable time, require multiple painful injections, reduce the freedom to move during the injection and require a hospital visit. The shift in focus to biologic drugs calls for more advanced drug delivery devices that can cope with the different properties of biologic drugs. Existing drug delivery devices require multiple user steps, which can make patients anxious and prone to mistake or needlestick injuries. Patients need simpler injectable drug delivery devices with fewer steps and positive feedback to boost their confidence and reduce anxiety. Next-generation drug delivery devices need to offer patients the option of injecting at their convenience, in a way that minimises pain and fits in with their lifestyle. The Plug & Play concept has colour-coded feedback (visible through the vial) and a clear view of the drug, which helps patients keep track of how the injection is progressing. Its flexible design converts any standard-sized vial into a ready-to-use drug container – allowing a range of biological drug volumes to be injected. Once the vial is inserted into the wearable injector, the patient simply presses the play button and the injection begins. This also means that pharmaceutical companies do not have to carry out extra tests for using additional drug containers. As a result, the regulatory pathway for new drugs becomes less complex – and time to market for crucial biological drugs is reduced. The Plug & Play wearable injector removes the anxiety associated with devices that are more complex and gives patients access to treatment away from a hospital environment, in the comfort of their own home, without compromising their lifestyles.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Cambridge Consultants, United Kingdom
  • Team Lead:
    David Robinson
  • Design:
    Abidur Chowdhury
Plug & Play Wearable Injector | Red Dot Design Award