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Plus Minus Table

Plus Minus Table | Red Dot Design Award

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Smart devices undoubtedly have their benefits, but it has also become a source of disengagement between people. Stemming from a need to bridge this behaviour, PLUS MINUS TABLE is a table that embraces our personal smart devices as a part of modern living culture. It provides a better way for users to share information via their smart devices while maintaining a real-life conversation. PLUS MINUS TABLE addresses the duality of work and play. The result is a minimal and elegant work desk that supports and co-exists harmoniously with our smart devices. The tabletop is thin and light but anchored on strong structure. Inspired by the construction of a smart-phone, the top and bottom layer are seamlessly fused together to showcase a subtle curved edge.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Alden Koh, Samuel Lim, Singapore