Cosmetics Packaging


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The B.A series is a cosmetic anti-ageing product that focuses on the process of how skin forms. Using the prestigious beauty of Japanese lacquer, the packaging design simply places the logo against a glossy black, achieving a tranquil minimalism while also exuding elegance. The front edge of the packaging expresses the determination of the brand to carve out a new era while the contents express innovation. The contrast between the flat sides and the curved top, together with the design of various colourful plants on the inside of the box, represent the many expressions of feminine beauty.

  • Creative Direction:
    Takashi Matsui
  • Art Direction:
    Haruyo Eto
  • Design:
    POLA Inc., Tokyo
  • Client:
    POLA Inc., Tokyo
  • Design Team:
    Kei Ikehata, Shingo Isobe, Mai Karin Kamiyama