Power Wash Dishwasher

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This dishwasher attracts attention because of its minimalist metallic front, which does without handles or buttons. The only visible element is a discreet, round button by which the dishwasher is opened at a touch. The operating buttons are concealed at the top of the door. The dishwasher offers various washing programs, among these a high-temperature cleaning function. A light strip at the bottom of the door indicates which program is running by means of a coloured light: blue for normal and red for high-temperature washing.

Statement by the Jury

Its purist design imparts a monolithic impression to the Power Wash Dishwasher. The light strip between door and panel is an attractive feature.

  • Manufacturer:
    SK magic, Seoul, South Korea
  • In-house design:
    Jongsoo Kim Junghoi Choi