Red Dot Design Award
Wire Stripper

Präzisions-Abisolierer S

Präzisions-Abisolierer S | Red Dot Design Award

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This semi-automatic wire stripper is suitable for removing the insulation from braids and wires with small diameters. The scanning system of the tool automatically adjusts to conductor profiles. With the adjustably scaled length stop in the working range from 5 to 45 mm, the stripping length can be configured reliably. Precisely working torsion springs and an integrated scanning system ensure damage-free work. Positioned inside the tool, the blades are inaccessible to the user – an important feature in terms of safety.

Statement by the Jury

The innovative shape of the Abisolierer S permits the tool to be used intuitively, which also guarantees precise and safe working.

Red Dot Design Award