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Equipping workplaces with office systems is a highly contemporary trend as it allows the furniture to easily adapt to changes within the company. Against this backdrop, the design of Precede offers flexibility in a creative way, as the system comprises work desks and meeting tables as well as partitions and executive desks. The individual components share a common design language that lends the overall office space a subtle tone with an elegant appearance. Glass panel partitions incorporate an essential element of the series. They structure any given space, exude an impression of transparency and showcase flowing, homogeneous transitions. Furthermore, the work desks integrate structural features of bench tables and single desks, allowing multiple, diverse layouts in a single system. These desks have been fabricated to render an impression of sophisticated material comfort, which is underlined by the natural texture of the finishes. Both the doors and drawers are equipped with a quiet and soft-closing mechanism aimed at a high-quality and pleasant operating feel. The Precede office system thus creates spaces where staff can work in a shared spirit of comfort and cooperation and, in so doing, turns into a visual expression embodying a company’s individual corporate culture.

Statement by the Jury

The Precede office system fascinates with elegant table leg covers and beautiful finishes. The design yields a minimalism that convinces particularly with a streamlined appearance of clarity and precision. The series impresses with its high-quality implemen tation and a sophisticated system character that makes it suitable for a variety of different layouts. In addition, its well-thought-out modularity facilitates spaces to be partitioned into both single workspaces and complex group arrangements.

  • Manufacturer:
    Okamura Corporation, Yokohama, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Alexander Hurford, Waku Tsuchiyama
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