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Predator Flex

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Predator Flex 2.0 features patented 4 point flex technology which provides an individual customised face forming fit. This is combined with an evolutionary new gasket design which redefines the way a goggle seals on the face and reduces pressure around the eye socket. The swimming experience is enhanced through CLT (Curved Lens Technology) which offers up to 180° peripheral vision. Made of lightweight high-quality polycarbonate, thermoplastic rubber and silicone, these swimming goggles fit like a second skin.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Predator Flex 2.0 swimming goggles meets the demands of athletes for a flexibly adaptable, comfortable fit to a high degree.

  • Manufacturer:
    Zoggs Group Limited, Lightwater, United Kingdom
  • In-house design:
    Neil McConnochie Terry Au Yeung Tim Lee