Theater Erlangen

Premiere Posters

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The poster series has the aim of portraying Theater Erlangen as a place of cultural dialogue and discussion, as well as a place of experiences and emotional richness. The posters advertise the theatre’s multifaceted repertory of debut performances, commissioned plays and new theatrical concepts – the theatre’s signature approach. Although the posters vary in their subject, they all feature the same plain font and a black silhouette of an abstract figure. This figure almost looks like a black board on which the theatre works are announced in thin majuscule letters of different sizes. The figures on all posters are easily identifiable through their shape, but always reveal a curious detail at closer inspection, such as a dog’s fifth leg. The design thus maintains an appearance that is immediately recognisable, yet also attracts attention with each new poster by inviting people to spot and unravel the curious element. Statement by the jury »These theatre posters stand out from others because each single one of them reflects an individual approach without ever losing sight of the content. They thus work well both on their own and as parts of a series, emphasising the distinctive identity and brand image of Theater Erlangen. The silhouette figures serve as icons which, complemented by a skilfully embedded typography, convey to beholders a first impression of the play they advertise.«

  • Client:
    Theater Erlangen
  • Design:
    Neue Gestaltung GmbH, Berlin
  • design team:
    Anna Bühler, Nina Odzinieks, Pit Stenkhoff, Eva Wendel