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The physical aesthetics of extension cords have remained unchanged and unquestioned for years, despite their ubiquitous existence in our daily lives. Priz explores new translations of these long cabled objects, paying careful attention to details so that they don’t need to be hidden in cabinets or pushed into an obscure corner. In our living environments, we often try to hide our extension cords when they are not in use. This beckons the question: Why do we tolerate the visual appearance of household products just as long as they are functioning? The aim of this project was to design an extension cord that can be proudly displayed. However, the designer also believes that aesthetics should communicate function. Hence, the design of Priz is simplified and stripped to a basic form so that it does not occupy unnecessary space in the house and blends in with the home environment. The product minimises the use of ornamentation as much as possible. This way, it communicates subtly and remains visually quiet. To achieve this, the excess wire can be neatly coiled up or hung up. On the other hand, its appealing form also encourages the user to pull the plug out and use the product more often. The electrical cord of Priz can extend up to a total length of 2 metres, and uses CEE 7/1 sockets and CEE 7/2 plug standards.BIMGEC emulates weight in zero gravity, both for weight training exercises and as a rowing machine for aerobic workouts. In weight training mode it can deliver from as little as 12kg to over 180kg of concentric resistive force with infinite resolution between these settings. It also incorporates a unique eccentric bias system to increase the effective load during the eccentric phase of a rep up to 360kg. The mechanism is totally powered by the aerobic workout, requiring no external energy supply. The entire system weighs 9kg and is roughly the size of a shoebox. BIMGEC was designed for an open competition by NASA for a Bio-Inspired Advanced Exercise Concept for use in their Orion capsule for future manned interplanetary missions, which it won.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Erdem Selek, United States