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Pro Display XDR | Red Dot Design Award

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Fascinating dynamics

As mediators between humans and computers, monitors have changed a lot over time. The aluminium unibody enclosure of the Apple Pro Display XDR is only about 2.5 cm thick and features an impressive back cover with a machined lattice pattern. This reduces the weight of the enclosure and provides additional airflow for enhanced cooling. The large, innovative 32" Retina 6K display delivers up to 1,600 nits of brightness, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and an extremely wide viewing angle with over a billion colours being presented accurately. Going well beyond HDR (High Dynamic Range), the innovative backlighting technology has brought an optimisation of brightness, contrast and colours. This screen thus takes the dynamic range to the new level of XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) that enhances the workflow for professional users. Moreover, it also has extremely low reflectivity. For especially uncontrolled lighting environments, users can also opt for an innovative matt, nano-textured glass for the screen that maintains contrast while scattering light to reduce glare to a minimum. The elegant design vocabulary of the monitor is further defined by the sophisticated Pro Stand. The stand not only provides both tilt and height adjustment, it is also able to quickly rotate between landscape and portrait mode. Seamlessly adaptable, the Pro Display XDR thus lends itself to any type of work.

Statement by the Jury

With the Pro Display XDR, the screen and stand form an aesthetic symbiosis. Like all Apple products, this monitor is the result of high design sophistication. The lattice pattern on the back is an epitome of highly effective functionality. The innovative technology delivers outstanding levels of brightness and contrast, complemented by spectacular colours. Imbued by design coherence, the Pro Display XDR has emerged to become a future design icon advancing pioneering user experiences.

Red Dot Design Award

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