Brand Design, Brand Identity


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The focus of this brand design is on the power of human imagination. Once it has been stimulated, something new emerges, which can be seen and felt. After four years of learning, the experience that has been gained by means of imagination allows students to be inspired and fly to new heights. “Progression” depicts this process with the illustration of a mechanical looking bird, which is represented completely or partially in different materials, for example in a poster or a catalogue, which are designed in grey and yellow tones.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Supervising Professor:
    Cheng-Chang Chen
  • Design:
    Hsueh-Nung Chen, Pei-Ling Liao, Huai-En Bi, Yi-Ting Tsai, Department of Visual Communication Design, Shu-Te University
  • University:
    Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City