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Protector was designed for hospitals and nursing homes, yet is also suitable for domestic bathrooms. The handicapped accessible toilet features a gentle lifting mechanism, which makes it easier for seniors, pregnant women and people with disabilities to sit down and get up again. The upholstered backrest and the upwardly curved armrests provide additional support. Furthermore, the armrests are equipped with helpful features such as an emergency call button and a heart rate monitor.

Statement by the Jury

The Protector toilet impresses with convincingly thought-out features that offer a high level of safety and support to users who are restricted in their freedom of movement.

  • Manufacturer:
    JOMOO Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., Fujian, China
  • In-house design:
    iqiao Lin Pingli Dong Yanmei Yin Lingmin Wu Zhipeng Zheng Shaohang Zhang
  • Design:
    Feish Design Co., Ltd. , Dong Wu Fang Yang, Shenzhen, China