Red Dot Design Award
Occupant and Wheelchair Restraint System


PROTEKTOR® | Red Dot Design Award

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PROTEKTOR is a compact and lightweight safety system for the transport of wheelchairs and their passengers in vehicles. Thanks to its flat design, large wheelchairs can be secured even in small spaces. The system consists of four tensioning belts, so-called retractors, which anchor the wheelchair firmly to the vehicle and ensure that the force flows from the wheelchair into the vehicle floor. The handle provides pleasant haptics and allows easy tensioning of the belt after the wheelchair has been secured to the floor. The red lever for releasing the belt is highly visible and offers a touch of colour.

Statement by the Jury

PROTEKTOR’s use of materials and design ensure robustness and foster a high-quality impression at the same time. Thanks to its ergonomic, highlighted control elements, the device is particularly intuitive to use.

Red Dot Design Award