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Pure & Mild

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The relaunched botanic cosmetics series Pure & Mild was developed especially for the Chinese market. Its packaging design provides a view of the world in order to inspire modern Chinese women. The outer packaging is characterised by original illustrations in a fairy-tale drawing style, showing cohabiting rare organic plants from around the world that are used as ingredients in this cosmetic series. The product line’s high-quality image is reflected in the contour of the bottle, the transparency of which highlights the appealing colour scheme of the skincare products. Inspired by the natural ingredients, the structure of the lid provides an attractive, tactile quality.

  • Creative Direction:
    Eriko Hirato
  • Illustration:
    Izumi Matsumoto
  • Art Direction:
    Kanako Kawai
  • Design:
    Shiseido Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Client:
    Shiseido Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Design Team:
    Kanako Kawai, Akira Muraoka