Red Dot Design Award

Puzzle – Needle-free Injector for Kids

Puzzle – Needle-free Injector for Kids | Red Dot Design Award

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Puzzle eliminates a child’s fear of needle injections by promising to minimise pain. It uses high pressure generated by the device to propel the drug through a very tiny nozzle (0.14mm diameter), which penetrates the skin at high speed and disperses the drug solution instantly. As a result, the response time is reduced, and the localised hardening of soft tissue can be avoided. This improves the bioavailability of the drug. When using Puzzle, first press ‘unlock’, then press ‘start’ to inject. The two-button control is designed to ensure a safe injection and its colourful, opaque shell hides the drug solution from sight. All exterior components, particularly the ampoule, is manufactured with a polycarbonate material at nano grade, which is also 100% recyclable.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Beijing QS Medical Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Design:
    Suning Chen