Red Dot Design Award
Teeth Scope and ENT Otoscope

Q-tube Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro, Q-tube Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro

Q-tube Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro, Q-tube Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro | Red Dot Design Award

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With Q-tube Wi-Fi Teeth Scope Pro and Q-tube Wi-Fi Otoscope Pro, dentists or ENT physicians can show a video stream of the examination live on a monitor and thus more strongly involve patients in their treatment. A blue illuminated ring indicates that the device is in operation. The camera head is smooth and rounded to instil confidence in the patient. The elliptically shaped housing consists of rubberised and sandblasted surfaces, which have a pleasant feel. The power button is colour-contrasted with the control buttons.

Statement by the Jury

The digital technology of the otoscopes is used effectively to improve doctorpatient communication. With their organic lines, the devices appear as if cast in one piece.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Quanta Computer Inc., Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • In-house design:
    Po-Hsian Tseng, Chu-Fu Wang, Chang-Ta Miao, Guo-Chyuan Chen