QEVO Mikro-Inspektionstool

QEVO Micro-Inspection Tool

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The QEVO Micro-Inspection Tool complements intraoperative microsurgical visualisation by visualising previously concealed areas. It helps in the recognition of structures that elude the direct line of sight, while also making areas visible that are hard to see, thus supporting better clinical decisions. Its angled design promotes safe use during insertion into the body and reduces the necessity of having to reposition the KINEVO 900 Robotic Visualization System, which fully integrates QEVO into its design.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to its flowing, geometrical form, the QEVO Micro-Inspection Tool combines technological and ergonomic aspects to create a coherent unit.

  • Manufacturer:
    Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Oberkochen, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Martin Fanenbruck, Roland Guckler
  • Design:
    Matuschek Design & Management (Walter Matuschek), Aalen, Germany