Vacuum Cup



Qiaoshi is a vacuum cup designed for children and available in six bright pearlescent colours. Thanks to its lid, it is reminiscent of a sweet dessert, or an ice cream with chocolate coating. The strap, integrated into the lid, matches the colouring of the cup and facilitates the opening of the 260 ml vessel, which is also suitable to heat up baby food. The inner side of the compact stainless steel cup features a non-toxic, food grade nano-coating.

  • Manufacturer:
    Hefei Songzhi Trading Company Limited, Hefei, China
  • Design:
    Hefei Weixian Product Design Corporation Limited (Xiaopeng Qiao), Hefei, China

Statement by the Jury

The child-oriented design language of this vacuum cup is emotionally appealing, and encourages children to drink from it.