Qin Sheng Breeze Signature Gift Set

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The Qin Sheng Breeze series originated with an old master who has been in charge of roasting ripe tea with unique longan charcoal in Qinhetang. The packaging design concept is inspired from a scene depicting hard work. Incorporating both Oriental tea art and Japanese Zen, the packaging uses the colour black to create a visual atmosphere of carbon-like tea roasting. The tea cans feature unmistakable labels with a slightly grainy texture that is pleasing to the touch. For stronger product differentiation, both the gift box and the bands around the individual tea cans are marked by distinctive key colours.

  • Client:
    Qinhetang International Co., Ltd., Taichung City
  • Design:
    Existence Design Co., Ltd., Taichung City
  • Creative Direction:
    Yu-Ting Huang