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QR Type

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Coming in the form of a matrix consisting of black and white blocks, QR Code is an effective system for conveying huge amounts of data. However, these data and information are not readily accessible and require an electronic device to be read and translated. The design of the QR Type is inspired by the idea that QR Code could convey even more information on its surface, if it did not consist of black and white blocks only, and thus could also enhance user interaction. Based on computer language processing, a conversion system was designed that allows users to replace the black squares in the QR Code with text by utilising this QR Type. The result is an information system that is readable by both humans and machines, and, with the help of this system, people can now read the information before it is scanned and automatically converted into code. Statement by the jury »QR Type is a work that merges technology, information design and a spatial concept in a surprising and intelligent approach. Highly appealing in its aesthetic implementation, it creates an additional level of human communication for the established QR Code which, based on a sophisticated concept, thus acquires an outstanding identity.«

  • Client:
    RISD, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
  • Design:
    Kyuha Shim, Providence
  • concept:
    Kyuha Shim
  • graphic design:
    Kyuha Shim
  • programming:
    Kyuha Shim