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quattro Snow Art

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Against the backdrop that snow is one of the most established subsoils for presenting the quattro technology by Audi, it was used as a large-scale space in the quattro snow-art brand communication. The 55-year-old British artist Simon Beck, specialised in the discipline of snow art, branded a huge area with the quattro logo just by hiking through a field of snow. All that he needed was a compass and his feet to plot his course. Creating a spectacular impression, the signage could be seen from ski lifts, gondolas and from the surrounding mountaintops. A film crew accompanied the artist while working on the quattro sign.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Design:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt KMS BLACKSPACE, Munich Simon Beck, Bourg-Saint-Maurice
  • Idea/Concept:
  • Snow Artist:
    Simon Beck
  • Film Production: