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QuickStand Lite™

QuickStand Lite™ | Red Dot Design Award

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In today’s working world, the most diverse scenarios of individual work and teamwork coexist equally. The QuickStand Lite monitor arm suits this diversity with a sophisticated concept. Its design impresses with an elegant form language that blends well into any office environment. On the basis of a well thought-through functionality, it is especially suitable for use in hot-desking spaces, where several users share one workplace. This monitor arm supports a variety of hardware components, while an intelligent, built-in cable management system keeps work surfaces clear and uncluttered. An innovation in design is the counterbalance mechanism, since it allows users to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease. The monitor arm features an adjustable keyboard platform, which, just like the monitor arm, provides exceptional stability while typing. Additional ergonomic comfort for the ideal sit/stand workplace is offered through the tool’s 20" height range and 5.5" vertical range, allowing easy adjustments to the different body heights of users. The QuickStand Lite monitor arm can hold single or dual monitors of up to 25 pounds. It fascinates every day with its innovative functionality – turning static office desks into active workspaces.

Statement by the Jury

The QuickStand Lite monitor arm combines minimalistic elegance with sophisticated and conclusive functionality, allowing it to perfectly adjust to changing work situations. The innovative counterbalance mechanism ensures high flexibility. A well-balanced design language as well as high-grade materials visualise a high standard of quality.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Humanscale, New York, USA
  • In-house design:
    Humanscale Design Studio
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