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Rainshower F-Series Multispray 15”

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The F-Series Multispray 15” is the latest addition to the Grohe Spa collection. It combines three different shower experiences, a 300 mm wide rain spray, two wide waterfall sprays and four innovative Bokoma Sprays, placed symmetrically for visual balance and enhanced water distribution. People come in different shapes and sizes, so the Bokoma Sprays can be adjusted to the optimum position. The system is available in both a wall-mounted and a super-flat concealed variant for installation in the ceiling. Its robust metal construction ensures quality and longevity and its unique spray combination delivers an unparalleled water experience.

Statement by the Jury

This collection turns the bathroom into a personal spa. The different spray settings of this luxurious, but understated shower will always be invigorating.

  • Manufacturer:
    Grohe AG, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Grohe AG, Germany